Twelve Street by Heather RileyI was also working on this. I had gotten larger with this piece – it’s about 6 feet by not quite 3 feet. Acrylic on canvas with white conte and newsprint. People have all sorts of reactions to it. This is bringing some nature into my built and falling apart world – this idea that we are being watched by the natural world… that there is some piece of nature in the stabilizing of this built/falling dichotomy.

At this point I am still painting like I “used to” – with pretty watery acrylic, lots of drips and broad sweeping strokes. I mix most of my paint right on the canvas – and go over it several times to get the color I want. Going back in with white and gluing on newsprint isn’t anything new. The part that was new on this though – was the order. Very tight order.

Scroll down to see the detail.

Twelve Street Detail by Heather Riley