Cityscape OneI have often been influenced by Julie Mehretu’s work – as anyone who has known her has been. It has such force and delicacy — something of a push – pull without launching you off the edge of the cliff, but managing to give you a good scare. I specifically was interested in her somewhat recent for the Deutsche Guggenheim – her Gray Area paintings. I did this piece with some of her work in mind. I am still exploring this theme of chaos and the built world. This piece was drawn in pencil from observation (just the buildings obviously) from the 4th floor of my school. It hung on my wall for a bit before I took it down and decided to ink it. All of the additions to the buildings came once I added the ink. This is the first piece I didn’t plan before I made, I just went with the thoughts that came into my head. Ellipses. Kites. A tree. I haven’t added color to it for fear that it would just feel like a coloring book – coloring in the lines.