I had a drawing class last week that reminded me of something I had forgotten about – that you don’t need a line. Or that rather… the form precedes the line – not the other way around. I used to draw the figure starting with charcoal and feeling out the form – building the masses of the body – and then eventually over time I forgot about that and just started to obsess about the edge. I forgot about the mass eventually and always found myself wondering why my work had become so graphical and flat. This served me well in my design work mostly, but left me feeling rather stifled in my art work. Last week after I was reminded about chalk and form – I set forth to try to draw other things without a line. I naturally started drawing the city first. This is a part of a piece that I did – the part I like anyway. I like it because it is a gesture – not gone over meticulously like I so like to do.