Both of my critics suggested that I go bigger this week – and so I went and bought a bigger roll of paper to experiment with. I have painted large in the past and have been trying to paint smaller for years, mostly because it is just more practical – yes, I know this is ridiculous. So I taped it on the wall and just started to make.

Cityscape Two

With a line of course. The city emerged as it does with a line – someone flat and graphical. Discouraged, I kept going. I threw chalk at it. I threw paint at it. I threw more chalk at it. Still not happy with the entire thing – but I do like parts of it – as you can see in the detail photos below.

Cityscape Two Detail Two by Heather Riley  Cityscape Two Detail by Heather Riley

I think both of these detail sections – both the lamp and specifically the yellow roof of the house in the second image speak to me in terms of materials and outcomes. They will help me in my future illustration work. The combination of line, chalk, acrylic wash, chalk, acrylic wash then line, then chalk again give it something I have been looking for awhile. So I am extremely happy with this part.

The next thing to do is to start to take away. Both of my critics mentioned something about the lack of space, the inability to get “into” the piece. You can move around the piece in a flat way, experiencing the chaos of this world on a flat plane. There is some connection, or some “place” that exists between the Single Building, the Pears and this. This is the place I am trying to both find, and with that – discover the process as well.