Cityscape Three by Heather Riley

Drawing class this week proved to teach me something else I had forgotten. (Amazing how being out of school for more than 10 years causes you to seriously forget basic drawing lessons – take heed youngsters.) Perspective. You actually have to measure and have accurate angles. I do have a pretty good eye for just drawing some buildings which makes me happy. But at some point if you don’t actually measure, buildings end up where they shouldn’t and not the right size and then before you know it the whole drawing is just wrong. That said, there is obviously room for incorrect perspective if that is the choice you are making with the work – tons of room. But if you are trying as I am trying, to be able to get the viewer “into the paper,” then you have to measure. Riiiiight. Forgot that part. So after many years of forgetting, I remembered. This drawing was of course done with line as well.  The next step:  push myself to do form in a more focused way with the urban environment.