This week I started painting on a board that I found on my walk to school. It had been rain soaked and I had let it dry out in my studio for a week or so. One afternoon I decided to start in on it. We have progressed from dripped ink, glued sea-farin’ page, drawing to full on sea storm. During the middle of the week I took all of my work out to the hallway (tip o the brush to Mr. Leitner for the idea) for a mini critique with whoever passed by and had something to offer. I took away from it that the color palette could use some change up, so that is coming into play here as well. Now I have some greens, browns and grays happening… the mix up is refreshing. The piece isn’t finished so stay tuned – but I am happy about painting these storms…. meaning which they are the first thing I have wanted to do more of. That’s a good sign.

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