As I began to think more about lines and the nature of lines, I wanted them to be able to form mass. I also wanted to be able to harness the energy and freedom of movement that I was able to when I closed my eyes to work. This resulted in some work where I focused on how the pencil felt in my muscles when I drew. Not in my hand, but in my upper arm and shoulder. How it felt in my torso and back. How it felt when I grounded my feet — yes you can feel it in your feet if your whole body is drawing, even it you are sitting (who knew?) I did several of these pieces – and created a new sort of muscle memory for myself – a sort of languid control meets lucidity. Here are a few examples from that work.

Graphite and acrylic on masonite
24 x 18 inches

“Looking 2”
Graphite, charcoal and acrylic on found board
32 x 10 inches