My friend Matt King saw this piece and said it looked like my Greatest Hits – which I of course thought was super awesome and hilarious. He is right in a certain way – many of the elements in my work are returning… but in a new way. This is satisfying, but I struggle with not falling into old comfortable habits. In the past I never would have taken a black conte and drawn a big fat line across a piece. I definitely would have paused, talked myself out of it and let the weaker piece live how it was. Now I don’t hesitate because I have become so comfortable with my line. This is a success. The piece is still in progress.

Thanks to my friend Matt Herzog for helping me to navigate the tricky waters of occurrence, choice and a feisty diagonal.

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Intersection 12
Graphite, ink, glued paper, oil, acrylic,  and conte on paper
22″ x 30″