This began as a class assignment – involving choice and chance. I wrote down the names of objects that came to my head – just an association type of game on slips of paper. I put them in a hat and pulled them out one at a time and drew them. The only rule was that whatever I selected out of the hat had to touch the previous drawn thing. I did this for all items in the hat. The resulting drawing wasn’t that exciting to me… and I thought I should cut it up. I initially thought I would put the pieces on wood, and make a game out of it – but after a bit of trial and error I knew that I would be disappointed with the process. In the end I decided to complete the circle by putting the cut up drawing pieces back in the hat – and selecting them again at random. I glued each square in a row as it came out of the hat – to create a new work.

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Accepting an Unsolved Puzzle
Ink, acrylic and cut paper on wood.
2′ x 3′