I have updated my artist statement – check it out:

I have always been attracted to dichotomous tensions: a whimsical threat, a laughing war, a light darkness. The echoing theme in my work throughout the years has been the allure of humor and it’s transformation into deformation, tragedy and deeper discussion. Beauty or humor makes someone look; familiarity and provocation gives one reasons to stay and find commonality within their own experience.

I am attracted to every day objects that we encounter in our lives: shoes, stoplights, teacups – along with objects we don’t encounter everyday: blimps, submarines, penguins, dinosaurs. By making these objects interact and inhabit both natural and fantastical environments – visualized by common and found mediums – I attempt to create questions of belonging and identity.

Our individual structures of perception have been given form by experiences, memory and categorization. But what happens when the information shown is only a slight deviation from normality, sensed but not known?  What if the category or the environment changes from our default? What happens to our sense of belonging in the wake of such change? I am interested in the adaptability of perception, and in what ways it could hinder our experience. If perception is merely a construct then what will we be able to see and feel once it has been rebuilt using a different paradigm?