chalkboard by Riley

Process Process started out as an online recording of my Post Baccalaureate year of study at The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. I needed something to be able to record my thoughts, but a regular old journal or sketchbook wasn’t cutting it. This became a place to record images as they changed and included everything from sketches of my coffee cups on napkins to full blown investigative process work that sometimes (maybe a lot of times) was abandoned, painted over or just chucked out. A lot of the work that I did at PAFA, especially in the first semester, was incredibly processed based – I was working to find my work. I was also working to re-develop a studio practice that had waned a bit over the years. As the second semester began I started to hone in on what I wanted to make, even though I didn’t know what any of it was about yet.

After seeing all the work together in the final group exhibition of my Post Bac year, moving my studio space and beginning new work, it is now becoming apparent to me what my work is about. I am no longer telling the work what it is about – forcing it to be something, rather it is telling me what it is about, and being what it needs to be. I see this as a good sign of a year well spent.

This website will continue to be operated as my online recording of my studio process – of the work taking shape. A place for me to keep my ideas and thoughts. It occurs to me that the process isn’t just something one explores and then comes to the end of that exploration, rather process continues on.

Absolutely everything is copyright of Heather Riley.