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The November show is coming up fast – get all the details here:
Heather Riley Interact
Heather Riley Interact details


The 3rd Street Gallery, which I am a member of, recently did an amazing renovation of it’s back room, changing it from a storage area to a showing space. As a group we decided that it would be very cool to have small works shows in there for the membership. The first show opens this Friday – along with works by Priscilla Snow Algava and Rhea Dennis in the large gallery. Below is the piece I did for the small works show – stop by to check it out!

"Morning" by Heather Riley, a local Philadelphia artist

Graphite, conte, ink, paper, acrylic and oil on paper
5.5 x 4.5 inches

Along with graduation from the Post-Baccalaureate program at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, we put up a brilliant student show. Everyone worked hard to make the show professional, fluid and all around solid. We received plenty of positive reviews from fellow students and faculty. An overall wonderful and successful completion of a stellar program. The pieces I displayed in the show are below:

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Yesterday I stopped by the Institute of Contemporary Art to check out the Charline Von Heyl exhibition. I went to see her works on paper, as I was interested in her process for those pieces. I enjoyed them as much as I thought I would – photocopy, collage and ink on paper is right up my ally right now. I have been thinking of returning to collage and paper myself (this used to be part of my process for years and years until one day I asked myself, “Why am I doing this and not that?”) Experiment can lead you both close and far I think. Regardless – Von Heyl helped me remember why I like collage – as did James Gallegher’s current show at Jolie Laide. It is a way for me to build ideas with existing objects, to dissect and put back together in a different way – and a way for happy accidents to happen. It can also be very entertaining while being exploratory, and I of course love being both entertained and entertaining. I’m going to start experimenting on paper and also on wood. The goal for this week: one piece per day.

Also of note at the ICA was Bill Walton’s re-created studio. It is a deliciously delicate installation to size of the late Walton’s studio in Philadelphia. It reminds me of where’s waldo in a quietly poetic way, a romantic way even. This perhaps because I grew up with a carpenter for a father, so a vice grip means different things to me I suppose. Still worth a look, not only for the lovely pieces of finished work lying about – for the line of art and process mingle easily here – but it also brings up the question of what is and what isn’t art? A finished piece? The way a bottle of Windex sits on a work table? Piles of nails in a jar? A must see.

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