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With the my solo show coming up super fast the studio (house, yard) is getting a little bit crazy. It’s nice to take a moment and just take a few photos of the work areas – these are the spaces I love being in.


After a severe back and forth in regards to either renting a studio, sharing a studio, or having a studio at home over the past few months, I finally settled on having it at home. In order to make it truly a space to work I had to do a decently intense makeover to one of the rooms in my house. It involved moving out everything that was in the room before, covering the floor, painting the walls (several times unfortunately), scraping and fixing the trim and painting it. It’s still not quite done because after 5 days working on it, I actually just had to start to create. The space has wonderful light, and allows me to work much more than something outside of the house would at this point.

In short, my studio is totally rad.

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